Care Management for High-Risk Pregnancies

Pregnancy Care Management is a free and voluntary program available to pregnant women who qualify for Medicaid. Care managers and prenatal care providers work together to help women achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnant women, eligible for Medicaid, that meet certain conditions may qualify for services. Examples of conditions include having had a preterm baby, a chronic illness such as diabetes, or other concerns, such as wanting help to quit smoking.

Type of Help

Pregnancy Care Managers can help pregnant women by:

  • Reviewing plan of care for a healthy pregnancy
  • Helping patients overcome barriers to following recommended medical care
  • Helping with services such as medical care, transportation, food, or stable housing
  • Providing assistance in managing any medications
  • Making follow-up appointments, including postpartum clinic visits
  • Assisting with connections to Medicaid, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Family Planning, Childbirth Education Classes, Care Coordination for Children, and other community resources