Tax Collector

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

Real estate and personal property listed for taxation during January are billed as of July 1st.  Property taxes are due annually on September 1st.  Taxes must be paid on or before January 5th to avoid interest and enforced collection. 

Tax Rates

The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners set County, Fire, and EMS district taxes annually when the budget is adopted.  Municipal tax rates are set by the respective elected town officials.

Motor Vehicles

Registered motor vehicles are now taxed at the time tags are renewed and are paid to the NCDMV. Tax amounts are listed on the "Invitation to Renew" provided by NCDMV. Taxpayers should check their tax districts before renewing their tags. If the tax districts listed are incorrect, please notify the Tax Assessor Office to get them corrected before renewal.

To pay Motor Vehicle Taxes and More, click here

Untagged or expired tagged Motor Vehicles please call the Tax Assessor’s Office at (252) 946-7981 for information.

Beer and/or Wine Licenses

Issued and due annually May 1st.

For the Beverage License Application, click here

Gross Receipt Taxes

Gross receipts taxes on short-term leases of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Equipment are due by the 15th of each month for the previous month's collections.

Tax Payments

Partial payments, payments in full, and pre-payments are accepted throughout the year.  

To pay online by e-check, credit, or debit card, click here. To pay by phone by e-check, credit, or debit card, call 866-603-7441.  You must have the bill number and the bill year of the payment you are making.

Our Drop Box is located in the parking lot between the Tax Office and the County Manager’s Office.   It is checked twice daily for payments.


Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available.  Payment Plans must be set up in person at the Tax Collector's Office.  A down payment of 20% is required.  Payment Plans are set up beginning January 6th and must be paid in full no later than June 30th.  

Mortgage Escrow Accounts

The property owner is responsible for the full payment of property taxes. If your mortgage includes an escrow account for payment of property taxes, you are responsible to notify your mortgage lender of the tax amount due and verifying with the Beaufort County Tax Collector that payment has been received. Tax notices are mailed only to property owners.

I sold my property, why am I getting a tax notice?

For Real Estate, the January 1st owner is considered the listing taxpayer and is responsible for payment of the property taxes until the past due date, regardless of any arrangements made between the buyer and seller at closing.  If you are the seller, please forward this notice to the buyer or return the notice to the Beaufort County Tax Collector.

For individual personal property, the bill is sent to the listing owner as of January 1 of the current tax year.

Can I assume ownership of property just by paying the taxes?

It is not possible to acquire property by just paying the back taxes. The State of North Carolina has a set procedure for the collection of taxes, the placing of liens, and the foreclosure of tax liens by a municipality. Anyone may pay the taxes on a piece of property for someone else, but that will not gain them the title to the property.

What did I pay last year for my property taxes?

Paid and unpaid Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills, click here

Tax Foreclosure

To view information on the next tax foreclosure sale, click here

Beaufort County-owned properties for sale are posted on this page when they become available. Please visit later for updates as there are none available at this time. 

Note:  Interested parties are encouraged to research all properties thoroughly prior to sale and before bidding on a property