Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

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Emergencies can be scary. But the more you know about them, the better you can deal with what comes your way - during and after. Learn more about these natural disasters, such as their cause, where they occur, and how to stay safe.

Emergency Supply Checklist

Here is what you will need to make your own emergency supply kit:

Make a Plan

Disasters rarely strike on your schedule so it is important to have a plan in advance. Your plan should include things like:

  • What are the safe places to seek shelter in your home?
  • How will you contact your family, friends, neighbors?
  • What should you do in various disaster situations (hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, etc...)?

Visit Ready for a downloadable plan and other helpful information to make sure you are ready in advance.

2015 Anthrax Exercise Video

Beaufort County Public Health Department wants to ensure we are prepared to respond to an emergency or disaster. View our 2015 Anthrax Exercise video to learn more.

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