Individual Personal Property

Individual Personal Property

The following items are considered individual personal property and are required to be listed by the owner by January 31st annually:

  • Manufactured Homes that do not qualify as real property
  • Watercrafts and motors, including jet skis, personal watercrafts, United States Coast Guard Documented Vessels
  • Aircrafts, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps
  • Unregistered Motor Vehicles -including motorcycles, trailers, RV’s, camping trailers, and travel trailers
  • Multi-Year and permanent tagged vehicles

These property types are valued using January 1st pricing guides.  The guides use sales data to determine market values.  

If you did not receive an Individual Personal Property listing form for the current year, click here

Sold, junked, moved property:

If property has been disposed of or sold, you must provide proof of the sale or disposal.  If the property was sold or moved after January 1st of the taxing year, you are still responsible for listing the property and paying the related tax bill that is usually mailed in the Fall.

The following are examples of acceptable proof:

  • A Bill of Sale signed by both the seller and the buyer with contact information for the buyer (new owner)
  • A title in the new owner’s name
  • Cancellation of insurance for the property
  • Receipt for charitable donation of property
  • Receipt from the person or company receiving the junked property
  • If you have moved the property out of Beaufort County (or North Carolina), you must provide proof that the property was moved out of the County prior to January 1st of the taxing year.

The following are examples of proof of moved property:

  • Update to wildlife registration showing your watercraft in another county or out of state
  • Tax bill for the property from another county
  • Copy of contract for a storage facility, marina, aircraft hangar or mobile home park outside of Beaufort County showing the date your property transferred to their facility.

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